Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for cans greatly increased in 2020.  Can manufacturers have been investing in capital projects to meet the increased need, and Alltech Engineering Corp has helped make it happen.

Alltech Engineering was contracted to rig and install a 126,000-pound cupper press in Iowa, which increased the manufacturer’s capacity.  The press is used to manufacture metal cans by pressing the cans out of sheet metal rolls.

Typically, the process of rigging and installing a Minster Press would require unloading it and standing it up with a crane, then rolling it inside the building. This project presented an additional challenge: the building’s doors were not tall enough to accommodate the press at full height. Instead, Alltech kept the press reposed until it was inside, then used a hydraulic gantry system to turn the machine upright. Alltech then rolled the press through the building to a concrete footing pad, leveled and aligned the machine, and installed the infeed and outfeed conveyors.

Alltech frequently installs Minster Presses. Often these presses have been refurbished or customized by Stolle Machinery for the manufacturer’s specific intended use.