Alltech Engineering Corp has, for several years, provided crucial maintenance support for a manufacturing plant that produces roofing materials in Minnesota.

Often within an hour of the call from the plant, Alltech sends manpower needed to supplement the in-house maintenance team. That rapid response helps the plant limit downtime, ensuring that any shutdowns are brief and managed with attention and efficiency.

Alltech also regularly provides millwrights to repair, install or inspect the plant’s equipment. Those services are offered as needed, creating a unique partnership that provides the client necessary support without the cost of having additional personnel on permanent payroll.

Alltech offers a variety of services to ensure the plant’s success, including preventative maintenance, welding, rigging and installation of equipment.

“The list of what we do goes on and on,” said a project manager with Alltech. “Whatever list they have of what they need from us, we go in, take care of those issues quickly, and get them back in production.”

This model of service helps provide for companies that are feeling the strain of the maintenance technician shortage, which spans several industries and has been a growing problem for many manufacturers in recent years.