Alltech keeps industry running by utilizing the most highly-skilled and trained millwrights.

Our clients include facility owners, facility managers, general contractors and manufacturers. We have worked for clients of all sizes, and in a wide range of locations and industries.

Alltech Engineering primarily utilizes members of the millwright trade to perform industrial projects. Alltech takes pride in the quality of its workforce and in the fact that many of their millwrights choose to stay with Alltech for the duration of their careers. Since its inception, Alltech has successfully completed over 20,000 projects.

The company is active in all types of industrial construction that have machinery installation or maintenance included in the project scope. Alltech has successfully completed both small and large projects, with clients ranging from single-man shops to America’s largest companies. Alltech routinely performs projects across North America, including work in 40 different states over the past five years.