Alltech is an industry leader in robot installations performed in automotive plants. We have also installed many material handling robots in other industries.

Alltech Engineering has installed numerous FANUC paint and sealer robots, and most recently ABB robots. International robotics manufacturers, as well as integrators, rely on Alltech to install, align, and level their robots for major automobile manufacturers such as Ford, Chrysler, GM, Toyota, Nissan, and others. Alltech has completed a number of leading-edge installations for robot manufacturers. Prompt, precise, and meticulous installations that are done right the first time are required by robotics manufacturers for the simple reason that their reputations are on the line.

This business segment continues to grow rapidly for Alltech and it is recognized as an industry leader. Alltech has  recently expanded its services to include maintenance of existing FANUC robots. This work includes dismantling the robots and replacing worn parts to extend the useful life of these machines which are essential to our customers’ productivity.