Cranes Installation & Inspections

For more than 25 years, Alltech Engineering has been at the forefront of crane system installation. Our expertise covers a wide range, from small jib cranes to extensive systems like 100′ spans and 700′ runway bridge cranes. We’ve earned a reputation as a leader in this sector and have partnered with numerous crane system distributors in the Midwest.

Safety and compliance are paramount in the crane industry. OSHA mandates annual inspections, and Alltech is your trusted partner in this regard. We conduct comprehensive annual inspections of crane systems, identifying maintenance and safety issues proactively. We maintain ongoing relationships with many companies to provide inspections tailored to their specific needs, whether it’s on an annual or monthly basis.

This revised version maintains the essential information while presenting it in a more structured and engaging way. It highlights your experience, expertise, and commitment to safety and compliance in the crane industry.