When the COVID-19 pandemic created a surge in the need for virus testing, Alltech Engineering Corp millwrights played a critical role in equipping one of the nation’s leading diagnostic testing facilities. 

Alltech was subcontracted to setup the transport, assist in the equipment assembly, and install the equipment to increase COVID-19 testing capacity. Alltech assisted with assembly at a facility in the Midwest before palletizing and loading the equipment for transportation to the East Coast testing facility. Alltech Engineering Corp was also responsible for offloading, staging, and installing the equipment on an upper floor of the building.

Preparatory work included placing floor protection, as well as coordinating with many other contractors involved in the lab renovation project to ensure the transportation and installation schedules aligned with other work being performed. This project followed an aggressive timeline, and changes to features on the systems were necessary mid-project, but the project was completed on-time.

Alltech Engineering Corp has installed similar systems involving the use of electromagnetic conveyor systems and robotics in medical and pharmaceutical facilities. Health Technology is another of the many industries Alltech has served for decades.