In October of 2018 Alltech Engineering was awarded a contract to refurbish bar rake screens for the City of Austin. There was a long lead time for parts and materials, which lead to a small window of opportunity for installation. Parts were delivered late March of 2019 and work began.

The removal of the existing bar screen was challenging, as the SprayRoq coating was applied after installation of the existing bar rake screen. Alltech had to remove the SprayRoq by grinding all area around the bar rake screen. The existing bar rake screen was also installed incorrectly. The original installers had bent the bottom anchor plate. This further made removal difficult.  Alltech’s crew stayed late and worked diligently in order to stay on schedule.

After removal, the entire bar rake screen was disassembled and new bars and scrapers were installed. The pit floor of Headworks No. 2 also had to be floated and leveled. Once floor and walls were prepped for installation, a refurbished bar rake screen was installed with ease. The refurbished bar rake screen was leveled and anchored into place. Alltech contracted a reliable sub-contractor to install SprayRoq, then all safety covers were installed, and finally a test run was performed.

The installation far exceeded engineering and plant staff’s expectations. The engineering team exclaimed it was the best money they spent all year and the entire staff was pleased with the new level of performance at the Headworks facility.