Arcadia Dam forms Arcadia Lake northeast of Oklahoma City at Edmond, Oklahoma. The dam was constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers to provide flood control in the Deep Fork River Basin, supply water to the city of Edmond, and provide the nearby communities with recreational opportunities.

Alltech was required to replace the emergency bulkhead seals and hardware on this project and to inspect, rehabilitate, and proof load the bulkhead lifting beam and a gate stem lifting device. Once the bulkhead was ready for use and set in place the service and emergency gate hydraulic hoist systems and their components were disassembled and rehabilitated. Existing hydraulic fluid was removed, the hydraulic tank and components were cleaned, and the system was refilled with new hydraulic fluid. The gate assemblies were inspected, rehabilitated, painted, reinstalled, and tested including the newly fabricated gate stem assemblies and indicator rods. Rehabilitation of the conduit liner and gate frames was also included in this project.